Nalle Hukkataival on Zugzswang, 8B+, Peñoles, Mexico, 121 kb
Nalle Hukkataival on Zugzswang, 8B+, Peñoles, Mexico
© Sandstones Media/Clément Perotti

During the first weeks of 2013, film maker Clément Perotti/Sandstones Media tagged along Nalle Hukkataival and a crew down to the Chihuahuan desert to explore wether the rumors of a Mexican bouldering mecca were true.

They found something for sure. The future, maybe...

Yellow is a short movie trilogy, documenting the birth of a new bouldering mecca for V10-V1? climbing.

Clément Perotti: In two weeks, Nalle opened six king lines, all above the 6 meters mark, on bulletproof patina red granite (the rock in penoles is either rotten or the best in the world, and there are THOUSANDS of boulders).
He didn't give grades for most of these climbs, but they all are very hard, not contrived, evident and beautiful.

The life in the desert is simple and rough. The locals are very nice but the area is controlled by narco (no problems as long as you go there to climb, respect the place and the people, and stay far from any drug related business), and the landscape is stunning, even though every plant or animal aim to kill/cut/irritate/poison you to death.

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