VIDEO: Ashima Shiraishi on Scorpion V11

Recently on UKC we published a video portrait of Brooke Raboutou, the 11 year old American climber who has been climbing hard routes. A few weeks prior to that we published a great video of Ashima Shiraishi, the ten year old American girl who has been making fast ascents of remarkably hard boulder problems.

Now we have another video of Ashima. Last summer Ashima made a quick visit to Rocklands in South Africa, where she managed to climb Scorpion (V11) in under an hour.

Here's the video - Scorpion V11:

Here's the previous video of Ashima, showing her climbing Crown of Aragorn (V13) and Barefoot on Sacred Ground (V12) at the age of 10.

And why not have another look at the video of Brooke Raboutou...

Are super young kids like Ashima the future of climbing? It's worth remembering that Adam Ondra onsighted his first 8a routes at the tender age of 10, and climbed his first 9a at the age of 13... and he's not doing badly these days...

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