Hard Sport for Karin Magog and Steve Crowe

Karin Magog enjoying Climb of the Century (F8b) at Malham, 193 kb
Karin Magog enjoying Climb of the Century (F8b) at Malham
© Steve Crowe
British climbers Karin Magog and Steve Crowe have had two extremely successful trips to Spain over the winter, with Steve onsighting several 8as and Karin onsighting several 8as and redpointing 8bs and a possible 8b/+.

Karin told UKC:

"Steve and I have both had a couple of successful trips out to Spain this winter, one back in November then again this month. We travelled around a bit more in the autumn, getting to Extauri, Tres Ponts, Bruixes and Chulilla, whereas this trip has been mainly at Chulilla due to the unsettled weather."

Karin's hardest ticks:

  • Aonvolsna 8b (Tres Ponts)
    La Montana Magica 8b (Chulilla)
    El Infierno 8b/+ (Chulilla)

When asked about El Infierno, Karin said: "This is the grade given in the new guide but I think it will settle down at 8b, it's still pretty new and I got an early ascent of this."

8b or 8b/+ this is still an extremely impressive effort from Karin who is one of the UK's top female climbers just quietly ticking hard both on bolts and trad.

Steve is also climbing very well and has onsighted 3 8a's all at Chulilla; El Capataz Incapaz, Diedro Mata and Agente Naranja.

Karin has also been onsighting well, sucessfully onsighting her hardest routes to date with a bunch of 8as including Alt Urgell at Tres Ponts and El Capataz Incapaz and Diedro Mata both at Chulilla.

Karin commented:

"[The 8as were] my first ones, so I went for the long, gently overhanging endurance routes that suit me. The 3 8bs were all gently overhanging as well, and generally fingery and technical involving a lot of layaways and undercuts. They were all endurance routes, with Aonvolsan being 50m, Montana Magica 35m and El Infierno 30m."

Awesome to effort both Steve and Karin - good luck for the coming spring in the UK.

You can follow Karin on her website.

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