Three 8A's by Juliane Wurm

Jule Wurm, 61 kb
Jule Wurm
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Juliane Wurm, who of course is from Germany, has made some really impressive ascents in short time in Ticino, Switzerland.

Lukas Biniossek, who is there with Jule and Jan Hojer, reports:

You've missed one crushing German girl. In the past few days Jule Wurm sent 'Fake pamplemousse'[Brione], ''Willenberg dach' [Chironico] and 'Teamwork' [Chironico] [all 8A]. The last two in the same session.

The other day she also repeated Dr Pinch, 7C+, at Chironico.

Lukas adds that it Feels as if I'm the only existing proof of the existence of gravity in Ticino...

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