FRI NIGHT VID: Andreas Fransson in the Andes

With this week's Friday Night Video we follow acclaimed skier Andreas Fransson and filmer Bjarne Salén on their adventure across the South American Andes. The objective: to climb and ski some of the highest peaks on the continent during a three month escapade through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.

The duo got to experience the wilderness and beauty of the mountains and the richness of new cultures, as well as the hardship of an endless expedition and months on the road – all ingredients in an unforgettable adventure.

You may remember Andreas from an earlier UKC news report about him skiing The Whillans Ramp on Aguja Poincenot.

Andreas' webside:
More movies from Bjarne:

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22 Mar, 2013
Shithead - the universal time killer.
22 Mar, 2013
That is a really great trip. I had a memorable South America trip through Equador, Bolivia and Chile 20 years ago and it is clearly still remote and wild but with very little hassle to access stunning areas.The skiing looks both sensational and hideous! I am going to have to get a bigger screen for some of these excellent videos. Well done
23 Mar, 2013
24 Mar, 2013