VIDEO: Prilep Macedonia, a new bouldering mecca?

Prilep, 131 kb
© Zlatko Vidrih

Three years ago, Philippe Ribiere was told by Slovenian friends about a new bouldering area in the Republic Of Macedonia. One year ago he went there, and since then he has made two more trip. The area is called Prilep.

Now, he has made a video:

It is about the new area in Macedonia that I call the "new Bishop". Even if the comparison is not true, it could still be the new best area for hard bouldering in Europe... Trust me!

Kilian Fischhuber and Anna Stöhr, who were there with photographer Reini Fichtinger in November last year, seem to agree. They both say it's an amazing place and want to return.

Here is the video:

For more information: Boulder Prilep

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