The Works Bolt Choppers Email BMC

Chopped bolts at The Works, 233 kb
Chopped bolts at The Works
© Peter Holder
In a bizarre email to the BMC, the 'People's Climbing Front of the English Lake District' have claimed responsibility for the vandalism at The Works drytooling quarry.

The BMC have reported it on their website:

"Arriving at work on Monday, BMC Access Officer Rob Dyer discovered that he'd been sent an anonymous email from someone claiming to have carried out the chopping. 

The email states that:

The People's Climbing Front of the Lake District

Does not approve of encouraging the destruction of traditional rock routes in the Lake District and questions the decision to fund the Works dry-tooling venue.

The new winter guide suggests dry-tooling will keep people off out of condition crags. There's a small flaw with this theory, it's been shown to be absolutely b******s.

The Lake District People's Climbing Front suggests the bolts may be returned when protagonists can pass the simple test shown below:

It then displays graphics of a black square and a white square, inviting the reader to choose which one is in condition."

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