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North East Wales Search and Rescue #1, 213 kb
North East Wales Search and Rescue #1
Two years ago UK Climbing users were instrumental in securing much needed funds for North East Wales Search and Rescue (NEWSAR), by helping them win a NatWest Community Force grant (See UKC News).

This year, the team has a similar opportunity with Direct Debit and a simple vote from users can make the difference in securing the funding.

'Direct Debit' are giving away £5,000 a month from March until June. The good cause with the most votes each month will receive £2,000, the runner up £1,000 and the remaining £2,000 will be divided equally amongst the runners up.

"It would be fantastic is we saw the same support as last year" said Rich Brady, NEWSAR Press Liaison Officer "I know the team doctor has his eyes on a couple of new defibrillators that would be small enough to go in to the two casualty care rucksacks that we have. At £1000 a piece, securing funding from Direct Debit would be a huge help."

NB: You have to have a Google or Facebook login to vote.

VOTE HERE: Voting Website

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