Tsukuru Hori does Silvretta

Tsukuru Hori bouldering at Silvretta, Austria, 174 kb
Tsukuru Hori bouldering at Silvretta, Austria

With the bouldering World Cup over and done, a few members of the Japanese national team took the opportunity to climb some real rock, spending a week at Silvretta, Austria.

The conditions were pretty far from ok most of the time with very high humidity, and sometimes rain, but it didn't stop Tsukuru from making a very quick ascent of Memento, ~8B+, needing only ~15 min. He then went on to flash Charity boulder, ~8B and a lot more.

Tsukuru's full list:
Memento 8B+ (15 min)
Charity Bouldern, 8B (Flash)
Golden Gate, 8B
Rombuk 8A+
More Shining, 8A+/8B
British Airways 8A (Flash)
Pretty Berlinda, 8A (Flash in the rain)
Razorblade Junior, 8A
Shining, 8A
Niviuk,8A (in sneakers/gym shoes)
Zwiederwurz, 8A (Flash)
Schattenkrieger, 8A (Flash)
Krieger des Lichts, 8A
X-Ray, 8A
Baby Lama, 7C (Flash, Highball, in sneakers/gym shoes)

Yuka Kobayashi, from the Japanese lead climbing team, was also there, managing to do two 8A's, Pretty Belinda and Shining. Not bad for a lead climber!

Source: Kletterszene

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