Sharma's new project: 8c + 9b = ?

© Randy Leavitt
Chris Sharma on his new Clark Mountain project  © Randy Leavitt
Chris Sharma on his new Clark Mountain project
© Randy Leavitt

Chris Sharma, who has been spending a lot of time on the road lately, has finally found a worthy project on US soil, or rock to be exact.

Now that the Dawn wall project is out of play for the time being, Chris has once again set his sights on a mega project at Clark Mountain in the Californian desert.

Yeah, it's a super amazing route! It's a direct start to Jumbo love [Chris' unrepeated ~9b], so long and continuously hard.
It's like a hard 8c or so into Jumbo love without any rest.

Nice to have a rad project here in the US as well.

According to Climbing Magazine, who talked to Randy Leavitt, the direct start Chris is talking about is an old Jorge Visser project, plus a hard boulder crux above it, straight into the hard climbing of Jumbo love.

To the best of my knowledge, Chris Sharma has yet to fail on a project he has gone public on... This one sounds like a beast though.

Chris Sharma has several sponsors including: prAna, Sterling Rope, Petzl, Evolv, Walltopia, Sanuk.

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10 Oct, 2013
what would a 7c+ into an 8b get?
10 Oct, 2013
The magic grade calculator says 8b+.
10 Oct, 2013
Dawn Wall out of play? Did I miss some announcement, or is this the whole US Gov't screw-up thing? jcm
10 Oct, 2013
US government screw up thing. All national parks are closed. Some people are sneaking in but I guess Sharma is pretty keen to keep his hands clean.
10 Oct, 2013
From the video about Jumbo Love, I thought he pretty much had enough of camping out at Clack mountain. Obviously not.
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