VIDEO: Alexander Megos climbs Wheelchair, ~9a+

This is the uncut video of Alexander Megos making the first ascent of Wheelchair in the Hollow Mountain Cave (Australia), probably the most difficult climb on the continent.

Alex told Vertical Life mag the following about the boulder route:

'Wheelchair' (9a+/36) starts as for the WOL [Wheel of life], but halfway through 'Sleepy Hollow' traverses into 'Stimulation' and climbs the whole of 'Stimulation' (with the exception of the first move) till its end, which is also the finish of 'Silverchair' – hence 'Wheelchair'.

Of the grade Alex says: It's hard to give it a grade. I think it's not possible to give it a boulder grade, although it's more a boulder than 'The Wheel of Life' because it has no rest.
Everyone calls 'The Wheel...' 9a and I think 'Wheelchair' is harder than 'The Wheel...', I would call it 9a+. But it would be nice to see someone repeating it to give his opinion on the grade.

Here is the video!

Alexander Megos is sponsored by: Patagonia, DMM, Entre-Prises ,Tenaya and Blue Water Ropes,

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