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GROUP TEST: Performance Rock Shoes

Performance Rock Shoes

'Performance' is a huge category, so with UK sport climbing in mind we've narrowed the focus of this review to down-turned, supportive shoes with a good edge. How did they all do?

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An Introduction to Vegan Climbing Equipment

As a vegan, taking on a new sport/discipline requires research. With the help of the Veggie Guide team, we have put together a simple guide to vegan climbing products.

Rock Shoes for All-Day Comfort

Most climbers need a comfy rock shoe in their lives. When choosing an all-day all-rounder, pure performance comes second to comfort; but they've still got to do the job. Here we test several of the more relaxed, less technical shoes on the market.

Performance Rock Shoes

We test 8 of the best rock shoes out there - from Five Ten, Scarpa, La Sportiva and Evolv through to Tenaya, Boreal, Edelrid and Rock Pillars. Some you might know, some you might not - but which did we score the highest? And which were the most expensive?

All Day Rock Shoes

Rock shoes are one of the most important pieces of climbing equipment you will ever buy. So to help you make the choice... We've tested nine pairs of comfortable shoes on lower grade routes.

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PRESS RELEASE: Chris Sharma joins Tenaya

Chris Sharma joins Tenaya

Whilst there are a great many 'climbing greats', few are greater than Chris Sharma. Ever since the age of 14 Sharma has been pushing standards forwards in terms of both difficulty and quality, with a list of cutting edge ascents spanning over two ...

Tenaya Oasi LV

A new version of the Oasi specifically adapted to the anatomy of the female foot.

OutDoor 2018 - Rock Shoes and Footwear

The UKC/UKH team have just returned from the final OutDoor show at Friedrichshafen. We saw hundreds of innovative, colourful and exciting new products and in this roundup you can see some of the best products in the rock shoes and footwear category:

OutDoor 2017 - Climbing Gear and Rock Shoes

The UKC team recently returned from the annual gear-fest in Friedrichshafen that is OutDoor. Here are some video...

The new Tenaya Mundaka

Tenaya is proud to present "the most sensitive down turned shoe we've ever made" the Mundaka. 

OutDoor 2016 - New Rock Shoes and Footwear

The UKC team recently returned from the annual gear-fest that is OutDoor Friedrichshafen. Below are some video...

Tenaya Iati Wins Editors Choice Award

Last week Climbing.com awarded the 2016 Editors' Choice Award for pain-free performance to the Tenaya Iati


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WINNERWin a pair of Tenaya NES

Competition WINNERWin a pair of Tenaya NES

The NES was designed to give outstanding stability in a dynamic shoe. With XC Stability technology the shoe provides the perfect balance between flexibility and stability. Constructed with split leather uppers, a Vibram® rubber sole and PU shock a...

Competition WINNERWin a Pair of Tenaya Nes

The Nes is designed with the crag in mind, constructed from a durable split leather upper, Vibram® rubber outsole, and a PU midsole for shock absorption. Here's your chance to win a pair

Competition WINNERWin a Pair of Tenaya Mundaka

The Mundaka is the most sensitive down turned shoe Tenaya have ever made, here's your chance to win a pair

Competition WINNERWin a Pair of Tenaya Masai Rock Boots

Favoured by top level climbers, the Masai is one of the Tenaya's most preferred shoe. It stands out due to its balanced...

Competition WINNERWin a Pair of Tenaya Tarifa

Never before has a rock shoe offered such versatile performance in extreme situations. Its ability to stick on 'impossible' holds...

Competition WINNERWin a Pair of Tenaya Iati

The Iati is the latest offering from Spanish climbing shoe manufacturer Tenaya. With a perfect combination of natural and synthetic...

Winner Win a pair of Tenaya Oasi Rock Shoes

Designed to achieve the highest levels of performance, the Oasi is exceptionally comfortable yet offers incredible precision and...

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