A bad day for Schubert, flashes Nagual, ~8B

Jakob Schubert at Hueco Tanks, 103 kb
Jakob Schubert at Hueco Tanks
© Schubert coll.

Jakob Schubert has managed to flash the very crimpy Nagual, ~8B, at Hueco Tanks. He also made quick work of Crown of Aragorn, ~8B.

Started the day by doing a 10min ascent of Crown of Aragorn (8B, maybe 8A+...) and went on to Nagual (8B). I was able to get the 3rd Flash Ascent of that sick Boulder and my first 8B flash!!
In the end it wasn't worth it though, at the second to last move I heard a loud noise and hoped a hold broke, but instead it was my finger...

Seems like this climbing trip is over for me.. don't have a diagnose yet but doesn't feel good...

Let's hope it's not as bad as Jakob thinks!

This was the third flash of Nagual, after Paul Robinson and Sean McColl.

The day before, which was his first day in Hueco, Jakob flashed one 8A and three 7C+'s as well as climbing three 8A+'s.

The previous week, he was at Red Rocks where he repeated Meadowlark Lemon, ~8B+, and a lot more.

Jakob Schubert is sponsored by: La Sportiva, Mammut, Squadra Holds and Glorify Unbreakable

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