This Friday Night Video from Arc'teryx features Arc'athletes Will Stanhope, Paul McSorley, Marc-Andre Leclerc and Matt van Biene as they head into a remote valley in Patagonia to climb a first ascent on a wall above Largo Mariposa.

The video follows the four man team as they undertake the long journey to the base of the wall and then climb La Vuelta de los Condores, 5.11, A2. Though their ascent does not go 100% to plan. 

For more information on the route, you can read about the ascent here.

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25 Apr, 2014
28 Apr, 2014
And it's Lago Mariposa ("butterfly lake"), not "Largo". Sorry for being pedantic. Very nice short video; Patagonia seems to still be a land for pure adventure, I will try and spend some time there one day.