FRI NIGHT VID DOUBLE: Cu Sith & Grit Soloing

For this week's Friday Night Video we have a great Double Bill lined up, with footage of the first ascent of Kev Shields new E7 in Glen Nevis. The second video is a great short film from filmmaker Guy Van Greuning about soloing at Stanage.

Our first video shows Kevin Shields climbing the first ascent of Cu Sith (pronounced Ku Shee), E7 6c in Glen Nevis that was the subject of an article written by Kev about overcoming a body that has been battered and broken by numerous accidents over the years: Hunted - The Story of a New E7

The route looks bold and insecure - well done Kev!

In tonight's second video we have a short video from Guy Van Greuning focussing on an evening's soloing at Stanage after work, washing all the stresses and worries of life away.


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