Viaje de Los Locos, 8b+ MP, by Sasha & Edu

Sasha Digiulian on the 3rd pitch of Viaje de los locos, Sardinia, 137 kb
Sasha Digiulian on the 3rd pitch of Viaje de los locos, Sardinia
© Keith Ladzinski

Last summer Sasha Digiulian and Edu Marin repeated Alex Huber's Bellavista at Tre Cime di Lavaredo, this year they took the action to the Gole di Goroppu, Sardinia where they did Dani Andrada's and Daniel Dulac's seven pitch Viaje de Los Locos, (8b, 7c+, 8b+, 8a+, 7b+, 8a, 7b+) alternating leads.

The original plan was to climb Zahir plus, another 8b+ MP, but totally different in terms of style, on the Wendenstöcke in Switzerland.

However the unpredictable... or shall we say the very predictable terrible weather that has plagued the Alps this year forced a change of plans.

So, from the cold, rainy and miserable Alps, they headed south to the warm and sunny Sardinia. Warm and sunny: yes. But the wall they faced was everything but welcoming. "No chalk, no draws... just some rusty old bolts".

At first Sasha was intimidated by the 330m route which she felt was simply too hard and too far from her comfort zone, but as so many times before, the power of departure day kicked in and they managed to pull it off.

Here is the video:

Sasha Digiulian has several sponsors including: Entre-Prises, Five Ten, GoPro, Petzl, Red Bull and adidas

Edu Marin has several sponsors too, including: Mammut, Boreal and Climbskin

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