Fight or flight, 9b, by Jakob Schubert

Jakob Schubert on Fight or flight, 9b, Oliana, Spain, 104 kb
Jakob Schubert on Fight or flight, 9b, Oliana, Spain
© Elias Holzknecht/ WOODSLAVE productions

On the last day of 2014 which happened to be his 24th birthday, Jakob Schubert made the 3rd ascent of Chris Sharma's Fight or flight, 9b, at Oliana, Spain.

According to French sources who are in the know, via Kairn's Pierre Délas, the news reached me on New year's Eve, Austrian World Cup champion Jakob Schubert finally succeeded on his Oliana project, Fight or flight, his first 9b.

At the beginning of the 2014 season things looked grim for Jakob as he tore a pulley while flashing (he tore it with several hard moves left but still finished it) Nagual, 8B, at Hueco Tanks, but against all odds, he quickly bounced back and won the first World Cup at Haiyang only four months after the injury, despite of not feeling even close to 100%.
In an interview, he told me he had to find rests after every crimpy section to get rid of the pain to be able to continue. Maybe not the kind of thing I'd recommend, but still quite impressive...

Let's hope he can stay injury free in 2015!

Jakob Schubert has several sponsors including: Barracuda, Glorify unbreakable, La Sportiva, Mammut and Squadra Holds

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