VIDEO: Niccolò Ceria - First time in Albarracin

A while ago, Niccolò Ceria visited Albarracin in Spain. As usual, he climbed a lot of difficult problems and produced a nice video.

As many of you no doubt are aware of, access at Albarracin has been limited. The reasons are several, but I'm sure bad behavior among visiting boulderers is one.

The situation now is that climbing at some of the sectors are forbidden altogether. Also, don't climb when it's getting dark or before sun rise. Don't make tick marks and use only a minimal amount of chalk. Don't make fires. Keep your dog in a leash. Bury carefully all the human waste and make sure not to leave any trash.

Anyway... here is the video:

Niccolò Ceria is sponsored by: Beastmaker, La Sportiva, Peter Bouldering and Salewa

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