FRI NIGHT VID: Rjukan - The Power of Water

Tonight's Friday Night Video features the Norwegian town of Rjukan, once believed to be the home of the world's tallest waterfall, the Rjukanfossen. 

At 104m high, the waterfall was used to generate electricity through a series of power plants, which became synonymous with this region of Norway. Today, people are still drawn to the waterfalls of Rjukan but for a different purpose - to climb the falls in their frozen state whilst appreciating the wealth of history surrounding them.

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19 Dec, 2014
World's tallest waterfall at 104m? It's not even the tallest in Norway!
20 Dec, 2014
Nicely put together video with the history and all. Shame about the digital B&W, low latitude correction just hurts the eyes
20 Dec, 2014
Boring! Why have climbing videos gone so soft lately. We want some shots of hard moves, sketchy run outs and big falls! Enough of this philosophy bulls**t...
20 Dec, 2014
I enjoyed it, I learned something about the area and the climbing. Some nice shots.
20 Dec, 2014
Great vid. I've fond memories of Rjukan.
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