FRI NIGHT VID - Dawn Wall Project Triple Bill

Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson are making headway on their 6-year project the "Dawn Wall." Having climbed all of the pitches in November 2014, the route was proved climbable and the pair are currently on the wall attempting to free the route in its entirety. All pitches up to and including the 14th (UKC News Report) - the crux traverse of the route - have now been freed by both climbers and the duo are looking set to finally complete this mammoth climb in one push.

Tommy commented on Instagram:

"Oh snap. The hardest pitch got sent by both of us tonight. I might be in a little shock right now. The route is taking a toll on our fingertips as we are now both climbing with taped up fingertips, but it doesn't seem to be slowing us down too much. Oh yeah!!!!"

Tonight we have a triple bill of videos documenting their progress on the route, courtesy of Rock and Ice Magazine who are making short video edits from each day on the wall.

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