Great progress on Dawn wall!

Since the last news item on December 30, Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson have made great progress on their Dawn wall-project and are now mid crux.

So far, it's going even better than anyone could expect, with both an ~8c and the first ~9a traverse pitch under their belt (they're sharing a belt). This first of the two traverse pitches is possibly the hardest on the whole route and both of them doing it on their first day of trying it suggests this may quite possibly turn out to be THE push i.e the push where this six year project could actually go down.

Of course, bodies, fingertips and perhaps most importantly the weather have to be on their side as well.

Tommy on Instagram:

Oh snap. The hardest pitch got sent by both of us tonight. I might be in a little shock right now. The route is taking a toll on our fingertips as we are now both climbing with taped up fingertips, but it doesn't seem to be slowing us down too much. Oh yeah!!!!

Kevin on Facebook:

Tonight, I sent the hardest pitch of my life and the hardest on the Dawn Wall! Best of all, Tommy sent right after me! Pitch 14 (the first traverse) is in the bag!

Once again, fingers crossed for the boys!

Tommy Caldwell is sponsored by: Black Diamond, Bluewater Ropes, Clifbar, Climb On, La Sportiva, Patagonia and REVO Sunglasses


Kevin Jorgeson is sponsored by: Black Diamond, adidas, FiveTen, Sterling Rope, Asana

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