Swordfish Trombone, ~8A FLASH by Ashima

Ashima Shiraishi (13) has flashed Swordfish Trombone, ~8A, at the Happy Boulders, Bishop, CA.

The other day, on the first day of the year, she succeeded on her goal for 2015, The Swarm, ~8B+, thereby becoming the second female to do two ~8B+'s. Now, she has pulled off what could be the hardest flash in her young life.

In some guide books the problems is given 8A+, but recently it seems general consensus says 8A. Extremely impressive regardless!

Now Ashima is on her way home, but 8B+, 8B, 2 x 8A+ and 8A FLASH in 10 days or so isn't that bad considering she is only 13...

Photo by Kenji Tsukamoto

Ashima Shiraishi is sponsored by: Clifbar and Evolv

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