Catxasa, 9a+, by Sachi Amma

Sachi Amma and Adam Ondra, 104 kb
Sachi Amma and Adam Ondra
© Sachi Amma coll.

Sachi Amma has made a quick repeat of Chris Sharma's Catxasa, 9a+, at Santa Linya. He needed only a total of four tries.

Sachi is working another Sharma route, Stoking the fire, 9b, together with Adam Ondra, but felt he was too tired and wanted to try something easier.

On fb he comments that he ...had a big fight on the first crux and at the last, but I made it. Sending 9a+ on my 4th go is my best performance ever!

The other day he did Fuck the system, 9a, also at Santa Linya, second go, so he is clearly on form.

He goes on to tell us Adam, after working Stoking the fire, flashed 8c+, onsighted 8b+ and 8b, and flashed 8b.

Sachi Amma is sponsored by: adidas, Five Ten and Petzl

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