Dry Stone Wall Collapse at Bowden Doors

Local Climber and UKC User 'Odox' reports on a dry stone wall collapse at the popular sandstone crag of Bowden Doors, Northumberland:

"A section of the masonry wall above Triple Cracks at Bowden Doors has collapsed and now lies at the foot of Triple Cracks, Wall Crack and Castle Crack. The top flutes of the latter two are choked with debris and best avoided until they are either cleared or weather out. The routes are intact and damage to the climbing is likely to be small. What remains of the masonry wall is not very stable and it would not be a good idea to loiter on the path or at the base of these routes!"

Masonry wall collapse at Bowden Doors #3
© Ian Birtwistle

"The situation is currently being discussed with the Northumbrian Mountaineering Club and the landowner to determine the best way forward. In the meantime, for safety reasons, the NMC is advising walkers and climbers to avoid the area around these climbs until something can be done to stabilise the masonry wall."


Masonry wall collapse at Bowden Doors #1
© Ian Birtwistle

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