Insanity of grandeur, ~8C, by Kilian Fischhuber

Kilian Fischhuber on Insanity of Grandeur, ~8C, Chironico, Switzerland, 121 kb
Kilian Fischhuber on Insanity of Grandeur, ~8C, Chironico, Switzerland
© Reinhard Fichtinger

Kilian Fischhuber now seems to have got the hang of how to climb 8C boulder problems. After having done a grand total of zero in his first 31,5 years, he has now done two in less than a week, first From dirt grows the flowers and now Dai Koyamada's Insanity of Grandeur, both at Chironico.

It's like he says on his IG:

Sometimes it just keeps rolling...

He'd better take advantage of the time he has now as he'll soon be teaching for one school year starting in September. Judging from the amount of traveling he's done lately, that's exactly what he's doing.

Kilian Fischhuber is sponsored by: Chillaz, Edelrid, La Sportiva, Red Bull and Smith Optics

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