The Big Island, ~8C, by Griffin Whiteside

Griffin Whiteside has repeated Vincent Pochon's The Big island, ~8C, at Coquibus Rumont, Fontainebleau.

Griffin, from Maryland, USA, has been in Europe since early October and judging from his ticklist, he can't possibly have seen anything but rock and road.


Starting at Averstal (Magic Wood) he has visited Brione, Chironico, Albarracin, Chironico (again), Cresciano, Magic wood (again), Albarracin (again) and now Fontainebleau.

That's a lot of driving.

He does have a ticklist to show for it though.

In Fontainebleau, things have been going particularly well with repeats of Hibernatus assis and The Island, both ~8B+, before crowning it all with The Big island.

The Big Island adds a couple of moves to Dave Graham's The Island making it a bit harder.

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