5.14 finger crack climbed - with one shoe - in Utah

Mason Earle has climbed a 35-metre long overhanging sandstone finger crack in Bartlett Wash, outside Moab, Utah. The crack - graded at 5.14 and named "5.14-" by Earle - is now one of the hardest crack climbs in the United States.

He discovered the route in 2012 and has been working it for the last three years.

Earle climbed halfway up the pitch with both shoes on, only to remove his right shoe and continue upwards for the rest of the pitch with his bare toes taped up, making it easier to jam his toes into the thin crack.

He claimed that the toe-taping was the perfect beta for completing the route...

A new crack project for the WideBoyz (Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker) perhaps?!

Watch a video of Mason Earle working the route in 2013 below:

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