Alex Megos repeats Flat mountain, 9a/+

Yuji Hirayam and Alex Megos, 89 kb
Yuji Hirayam and Alex Megos
© Megos coll.

Alex Megos has repeated Yuji Hirayama's Flat Mountain, ~9a/+, at Futagoyama, Japan. This was the third ascent after Yuji and Toru Nakajima.

As Alex didn't have much time left in Japan, he had to do it quickly. He made five tries on day one and then did it first go after checking it out for warming up the next day, so six tries in total, or seven counting the warming up.
That's what you need to do when you're on a tight schedule...

Now Alex is off to Australia. Not sure what he is going to do there as he pretty much climbed everything hard on his last trip...

Alex Megos is sponsored by: Red Bull, DMM, Patagonia and Tenaya Blue Water Ropes and Entre-Prises

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