Polldubh Crag Clearing in Memory of Ed Grindley

A recent clear-up of the Polldubh Crags in Glen Nevis was undertaken by the Nevis Landscape Partnership with the help of a group of volunteers in memory of Ed Grindley - a respected climber and keen conservationist who passed away in 2010.

In the late nineteen forties wrestling with shrubs, birch trees and shady midge-inhabited crags wasn’t an issue for climbers like Jimmy Ness putting up routes all over Polldubh, Glen Nevis. Fast-forward to the present day and it has become a real problem that the late Ed Grindley worked hard to try and reverse.

Polldubh Clean-up Volunteers, 206 kb
Polldubh Clean-up Volunteers
© Nevis Landscape Partnership

Ed Grindley, author of “Rock Climbs: Glen Nevis & Lochaber Outcrops”, was a driving force behind the foundation of the Polldubh Club and a much respected British climber. In honour of his conservation work and wish to see Polldubh accessible for all. Nevis Landscape Partnership, Friends of Nevis, Polldubh Club & Three Wise Monkeys joined forces last weekend to have a go at clearing the crags on a wet and windy Lochaber afternoon.

The event, organised by Nevis Landscape Partnership as part of their “Future Forests” project, was extremely well attended (despite the weather!) and proved a real success with lots of volunteer power making a real difference to such a significant climbing area. The generous donation Ed left to the cause helped buy tools which meant more people could help out. A huge difference was made with this extra help and enthusiasm.

Geoff Hewitt, Polldubh Club: “We managed to clear regrowth around Reptons, Pandoras along with the Alp crags of Southwest, Pine Wall & Styx. We used chainsaws around After Crag and above Dundee along with handsaws at Tiny and Little Buttresses. Wet and windy but folks stuck it out, gnarly day!”

Nevis Landscape Partnership would like to thank all the volunteers who gave up their time to contribute to this event and on behalf of Friends of Nevis, Polldubh Club & Three Wise Monkeys we want to encourage you all to get involved. These projects and events not only protect but also enhance Ben & Glen Nevis for everyone to enjoy.

A special thank you to Rona Grindley who battled the rain and wind alongside all the other volunteers to see her late husband’s climbing and conservation legacy celebrated. 

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