4th female ascent of Era Vella, 9a, by Anak Verhoeven

Anak Verhoeven, 141 kb
Anak Verhoeven
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18 year old Anak Verhoeven from Belgium has made the 4th female ascent of Chris Sharma's Era Vella, 9a, at Margalef, Spain.

No other 9a has seen as many female ascents, and lately it has really gained in popularity. I guess I'd go there myself if I wanted to do a long, beautiful 9a without any real stopper moves. If I could...

Anak is better known as a competition climber currently ranked 4th in the world.

According to her website, Anak is climbing for Jesus. Seems to have worked wonders.

Source: Belclimb

Anak Verhoeven is sponsored by: Haglofs, La Sportiva, Max Climbing, Petzl and Pure Top

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