Johnny Dawes - No Handed Climbing Fri Night Vid

Johnny Dawes is one of Britain's climbing legends, with bold first ascents including Indian Face E9, Gaia E8 and The End of The Affair E8. As one of the most experimental climbers of all time, Johnny now devotes most of his attention to the esoteric discipline of no-handed climbing. A master of movement and balance, Johnny has a kinesthetic awareness in climbing like no other, which he shares in this video in his typically quirky manner.

The short film by Wayne Sharrocks follows Johnny on a day out at Stanage Edge, talking about mini helicopters, dad dancers and his idea for a new no-handed guidebook: Spectacular Walks Up Peak District Gritstone. (But where would the shops put it? Under Walking or Climbing?)

"It's not really cool, I quite like it being naff. It's sort of like the stamp collecting club guy. He's happy being really boring."

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10 Apr, 2015
It's not something new. I've been doing no-hands climbing almost since I started 40+ years ago. It's another fun activity and is a subset of bouldering.
10 Apr, 2015
Ah, so this was why the thread was pulled yesterday (along with the comments that had been posted)
10 Apr, 2015
Typical JD - mad and inspirational!! What route is it?
10 Apr, 2015
is this a piss take?
10 Apr, 2015
Great stuff, I enjoyed that
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