Cthulhu, ~8C, first ascent by Nacho Sanchez

© Rebeca Morillo

Nacho Sanchez has made the first ascent of Cthulhu at Arnao, near Avilés in Asturia, northern Spain.

As far as I understand, Cthulhu is an extension to his own Katakraken, ~8B+, which climbs up over the lip at around the half way point.

Instead, Cthulhu climbs the whole roof.

Here is a video of Nacho making the FA of Katakraken.

Nacho Sanchez is sponsored by: Boreal, Climbskin, Mushroom pads, Petzl and Trangoworld

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28 May, 2015
Wow great effort by Nacho. There is plenty of cool bouldering in Asturias but it's hard to find info...even if you live here...there's loads of amazing boulders perched on the water's edge, some of which got moved in last winter's storms. However, there's loads of great climbing too and you can find out more about that in my guide and if you do fancy a trip to this part of spain we have a holiday cottage too
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