[UPDATED]VIDEO: Hard Grit Bouldering with Benjamin Linné Ryn

Benjamin Linné Ryn, one of Sweden's most talented climbers, spent a couple of weeks in the Peak district recently. His list of ascents is quite impressive.

This video features some of them, such as:

Simbas Pride, E8 6B, Burbage South
Careless Torque, 8A, Stanage
Samson, 8A, Burbage South
The Bad and The Beautiful, E7 6C, Millstone
10 000 maniacs/Elm Street, 7C / E8 6C, Millstone
Voyager, 8B, Burbage North
The Angels Share, 7C+ / E8 7A, Black Rocks

...and more. All of them climbed without a rope.

I asked Benjamin, "Tumle" to his friends, a few questions:

What's your over all impression of the Peak district?
I was in the Peak for about two weeks and only climbed on grit. I found it awesome. Fun technical climbing, often on rather bad holds.
The over all impression is that there is all lot of good stuff. The lines have got character and the best problems are definitely unique.

I was surprised the conditions were as good as they were as I was there quite late in the spring, the beginning of May. It wasn't that warm and often windy.

Which ascent are you the most proud of and why?
I think The Angels Share at Black Rocks was the most fun to do. A legendary test piece by Johnny Dawes with fantastic climbing.
I also enjoyed doing Samson and Careless Torque a lot because they are such classic and nice lines, and Voyager because I did it so quickly.
I tried the sit and it felt good, but the conditions weren't good enough, plus I injured myself.

Is this the kind of climbing you think you will do in the future, or is there room for other styles? Personally I'd love to see you competing again...
Ever since I was a kid I've loved highballs. I like challenging myself a bit mentally as well...that it doesn't have to be about the hardest moves or how much power you've got all the time, so yeah, it's definitely a part of my climbing that I'll keep doing. Besides, the best lines are always the tall ones!

I'll keep climbing a lot, hopefully get rid of my injuries, and probably go to the US this autumn.

Benjamin has spent a lot of time in Fontainebleau where he's done heaps of 8A's and harder, including half a dozen 8B's and a flash of Gecko, ~8A+.

At Hylteberget, outside Gothenburg, he made a solo ascent of the classic Pirayaklubben, 8b, last spring.

But what has he ever done on...right.

Benjamin Linné Ryn is sponsored by: Black Diamond and Five Ten

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