FRI NIGHT VID: Scoop Wall - E2 or E3?

BMCtv have released a groundbreaking video featuring their fastidious efforts to resolve a burning question of the moment - What is the true grade of Scoop Wall? A recent forum thread initiated by none other than UKC and Rockfax's very own Alan James brought this important topic to light and prompted a lengthy - 215 posts, to be precise - discussion.

Alan disagreed with the BMC Limestone guide's suggestion that Scoop Wall - graded E2 5c in the Rockfax Peak Limestone Guide - should merit an upgrade of E3 5c.

In order to scientifically validate the correct grade of Scoop Wall, the BMC sent their Grade Measuring Team to Stoney Middleton. Using the 9a+(or minus) calibrated Steve500 and the Crimp Cranker, grade scientist Claire-Jane Carter inputs the data into a computer to calculate the precise grade of Scoop Wall with irrefutable accuracy.

In response to the Grade Measuring Team's findings, Alan James commented: "The BMC Grade Measuring Team have pushed the boundaries again with this revolutionary new method of route assessment. In a world of absolute grading, it is nice to see some certainties being established so that we can all refine our methods to establish a more perfect system, and make some cakes at the same time."

Thanks to Alex Messenger at BMCtv!

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