Divine Moments of Truth: New E10 by Franco Cookson

According to the UKC logbooks, a new E10 named Divine Moments Of Truth has been established by Franco Cookson at Kay Nest, North Yorkshire.

Divine Moments Of Truth
Franco Cookson, May 2015
© Jake Hampshire

The line was previously bolted and the minimal protection used by Franco to free the route included micro tricams, micro wires and a skyhook.

UKC Logbook entry for Divine Moments of Truth E10, 87 kb
UKC Logbook entry for Divine Moments of Truth E10

Franco's previous new routes have often been a topic for debate and a heartfelt "open letter" has already been penned urging him to "Test [himself] on the creations of others" and to "Go try the benchmarks. Get the evidence and the doubters will be proven wrong."

More information to follow...



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