Hard Bouldering by Niky Ceria in Australia - V14s

Niccolò Ceria on Il Mancino di Bristol, ~8B+, Grampians, Australia, 166 kb
Niccolò Ceria on Il Mancino di Bristol, ~8B+, Grampians, Australia
© Ross Taylor (Vertical Life Mag)

Niccolò Ceria has once again been on a climbing trip. That's what he does.
This time he spent some time in Australia to see if the hype was real.

The idea was for this trip to just a check: wanted to give a first look at this early world class spot, in order to get another trip in the future, knowing a bit better the logistics.

Hence, his focus was on repeating rather than putting up new problems, and this he did, but he none the less found time to make his own contribution in the form of Il Mancino di Bristol at Buandik.

You can, and should, read the whole story on Niky's blog, complete with great photos.

Here is his ticklist with stars:

Il Mancino di Bristol V14 (FA) **
Owning the Weather V14 2nd asc. ****
Occam's Razors V13/14 ***
Cherry picking V13 *****
On the Beach V13 ****
Pigeon Superstition V13 **
Sultan of Swing V13 2nd asc. ***
Rule Number 1 V13 ***
Rootarted V12/13 3rd asc. ****
Ammagamma V12/13 ***
Last resort V12/13 ***
Zeus V12/13
Point break V12 3rd asc. **
Kate Upton V12 (flash) ***
Red Mist V12 **
Lost for life V11/12 *
Diagonal Highway V11/12 ***
The Roobiks' Cube V11 *
Simplicity V11 *** Dead Heat V11 (flash) ****
The Outsider V11 ****
A puzzle about belief V11 ****
Love boulder V11 ****


Niccolò Ceria is sponsored by: Beastmaker, La Sportiva, Peter Bouldering and Salewa

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