Jim Pope (16) Repeats Helvetia 8b+/c at Shipwreck Cove

16 Year Old Jim Pope has made an impressive repeat of the  Rhossili Bay sport route Helvetia (8b+/c) in South Wales.

Shipwreck Cove, 171 kb
Shipwreck Cove
© Jim Pope

Jim told us about the route:

"It's around 25m and slightly overhanging all the way. The bottom section is all on jugs up to a good rest. After this it's straight into the hard climbing which continues all the way to the top. The route has all styles of climbing and hold types which made it really fun to climb."

Jim Pope on Helvetia - 8b+/c at Shipwreck Cove
© Gav Symmonds

And the day of the ascent:

"On the day I climbed Helvetia the clips were already in the route from trying it for the last two days so I warmed up by climbing the bottom section of the route which is about 6c and then dogged up the rest, remembering moves, sequences and brushing holds, then I did a few star jumps and went for it and did it first red point of the day!"

And his inspiration to go to Shipwreck Cove:

"A friend of mine Gav Symmonds who also works at the Castle Climbing centre where I train had been trying Helvetia and was always telling me about how great the crag was so I thought I better check it out! When I heard about Shipwreck Cove being tidal and right on the beach I imagined a dark wet cave with chossy climbing but it's the complete opposite. The crag was completely dry except the first few metres which dry out pretty quickly and all the routes climbed really well on good quality rock. Even if you weren't climbing the area is a nice place to be."

Shipwreck Cove, 62 kb
Shipwreck Cove
© Jim Pope

And... What's next for Jim Pope?

"I recently finished my GCSE's so Im now off from school for a few months so I'm trying to get outdoors as much as possible. Id like to get up to Malham for a few weeks and get back to Raven Tor!"


Jim Pope is sponsored by: Climbskin, Lyon Outdoor and Marmot

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