King of limbs ~8B/+, flashed by Andy Gullsten

Andy Gullsten on Sky, ~8B, Rocklands, SA, 120 kb
Andy Gullsten on Sky, ~8B, Rocklands, SA
© Gullsten coll.
According to German climber Thilo Schröter, Anthony Gullsten has flashed King of limbs in Rocklands, South Africa. The problem was originally given 8B+/C, but it has since come down a bit.

Thilo, who also repeated it, comments:

King of Limbs got completely run over by the send train: Martin Mobråten, Dave Mason and myself. Later Andy, a.k.a. Mr Skilz put the nail in the coffin by casually flashing the very same problem, leaving the rest of us speechless.

Andy has also managed to do Sky, ~8Bone of his dream problems, and more than likely a whole lot more.

The Ledge has made a podcast with Andy which soon will be published. 

Anthony Gullsten is sponsored by: La Sportiva and Petzl

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