A muerte bilou, 9a first ascent by Bouin

Seb Bouin on A muerte bilou, 9a, La Ramirole, Verdon, France, 83 kb
Seb Bouin on A muerte bilou, 9a, La Ramirole, Verdon, France
© Pierre Délas/Kairn
Seb Bouin has made the first ascent of A muerte bilou in the Ramirole sector in the Verdon Gorge. He suggests 9a.

Seb just returned from another trip to Flatanger, Norway, where he came very close to repeating Adam Ondra's increasingly popular Thor's hammer, which, instead, saw repeats by Alex Megos and Jakob Schubert. 

A muerte bilou​ takes a striking line through the ridiculously steep Ramirole cave. It's about 50 m long and overhangs roughly 60 degrees more or less all the way. The technical crux comes quite early, around the fifth bolt and is followed by a good rest in kneebar and then a pumpy 30m 8c to the top.

The route was bolted by Antonin Rhodes and it took Seb three weeks of work to succeed. The success came after one of the footholds in the crux broke, and he, quite unexpectedly found a new, better sequence. 

Source: Kairn

Seb Bouin is sponsored by: EB, Tendon, Nograd and YY Climbing belay glasses


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