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Der Barde besingt die Wunder des Tages - new 9a by Megos

© Megos coll.

Alex Megos on Der Barde besingt die Wunder des Tages, 9a, Frankenjura, Germany  © Megos coll.
Alex Megos on Der Barde besingt die Wunder des Tages, 9a, Frankenjura, Germany
© Megos coll.
On a brief pit stop between assignments, Alex Megos has made the first ascent of. Der Barde besingt die Wunder des Tages yet another 9a in the Frankenjura, Germany.

This one is very short and powerful, even by Frankenjura standards as the crux is only three moves long “3 moves and two monos” with the definite crux being a jump around the lip from one of those monos.

I think it's about time some of Megos' 9a's get repeated, don't you?

Alex just left Stockholm Sweden where he did what he usually does, i.e onsighting the odd 8b, flashing 8b+ and making an ascent of an old school (read “hard”) 8B.

Alex Megos is sponsored by: DMM, Patagonia, Red Bull and Tenaya

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20 Aug, 2015
Wow! it looks like a new AD only shorter.. Another for the Steel-fingered
20 Aug, 2015
Great pic that makes it look absolutely desperate. Not even sure how many 9a's he's put up now. Two at Ceuse?, two in Australia and two in Germany perhaps? Plus he's done various other new routes from 8c+ down to 8a+. I haven't heard of any of these being repeated. Although there are quite a few climbers doing 9a now its obvious that Megos is super strong so if his routes have hard cruxes they may well stop climbers able to climb more endurance based 9as. I remember a video showing Ramon having a really hard time with a Frankenjura 9a some time ago.
20 Aug, 2015
What a wonderfully intriguing photo. He appears to have no points of contact at all, having launched himself into the air by means of a solitary mono, and with no holds to speak of within reach. Added to that his hair looks to all the world like part of the surrounding vegetation. I love it.
20 Aug, 2015
Interesting. I know Ramonet is strong but it seems more lead comp endurance strong rather than out and out power. I'd have thought Megos was the stronger of the two because apart from lead climbing he boulders at the top level as well. I also read he could do 5 one armers on each arm which I thought was pretty impressive. His endurance is also amazing too thinking about his one day ascent of Biographie. But then I don't know much about Ramonet other than his ascents and competitions so interested to hear more.
22 Aug, 2015
I knocked one out last night. Hasn't helped my climbing.
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