FRI NIGHT VID: Hampi Local

This week's Friday Night video was filmed in Hampi, India, and takes the form of a stunning documentary film about Vikas (Jerry), a local climber with huge potential and heartwarming generosity. Hampi Local provides a striking insight into the beauty of the region and the ability of one of its home-grown talents, as the climbing scene in India continues to grow.

Director Lee Thompson of Bloc Features explained the objective of the film:

"Hampi Local was a real passion project for us, not least because Jerry has never before had an opportunity to showcase his talent. While in India, we became acutely aware of how lucky we were to be able to travel and climb overseas. At the same time, we realised that Jerry, for all his talent, simply does not have these same opportunities – a great injustice when you consider how much time he spends making sure people like us have the bouldering experience of a lifetime!"

"We hope that it'll generate enough interest, that one day we may be able to fund a trip to the UK for Jerry."

The beautiful scenery, friendly people and the quality of the bouldering will have you booking flights to India in no time...

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