FRI NIGHT VID: John Dunne - The Big Issue

Expanding on this week's theme of "blast from the past", tonight's video features another classic film of one of Britain's most influential yet controversial climbers: John Dunne. Another of Sid Perou's quality videos from the 90's, we see John take on The Big Issue E9 6c and Northern Irish testpiece Divided Years E9 6c.

"I think when I realised that I am a controversial character and there's a lot of controversy surrounding me I thought well - this is not going to go away, I could do the hardest, most difficult wall in the Peak District with everybody watching but there will still be doubt because at the end of the day they don't want to believe what they see. They can't accept John Dunne, how he looks, who he is - brash and abrasive, they can't accept that and I don't think they ever will." - John Dunne

Sid wrote in the description for the video:

"Spent several months working on this film for John Dunne which I suspect was intended to prolong his period as a professional climber. I quite enjoyed making it but in the end, never got paid more than my expenses."




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