INTERVIEW: Adam Jeewooth on Raining Bats and Dogs 8c

Adam Jeewooth has recently ticked Raining Bats and Dogs​ 8c at Malham Cove. A former member of the GB Bouldering team and previously a bit of a regular on the Malham Catwalk, we hadn't heard much from Adam in the past few years. Taking some time out from climbing to focus on other objectives, we used his ascent of Bats and Dogs as an excuse to catch up and find out what he's been up to... 

Adam resting in the famous bat-hang of Bat Route, 222 kb
Adam resting in the famous bat-hang of Bat Route
© Pete Wilkinson

How did you get into climbing?

I started climbing in 2003 at BoulderUK and progressed from plastic to rock over a 3 year period. My uncle Carl who was already climbing informed me that a bouldering wall had opened in Blackburn and I should have a go at it.  The wall was run by Ian Vickers and Gaz Parry at the time and they have been a massive influence to my progression and transition into hard climbing.

We haven't heard much from you in a while - what have you been up to?

I had a break from the climbing circuit for a while and during the last two winters have been practising martial arts as training. I have also been travelling with my lovely girlfriend (Orla) and dog Ruby. I've also been working full time until 4 weeks ago and doing lots of DIY on the house. I’ve kept my hand in bouldering quite often at BoulderUK.

Adam psyching himself up on the Catwalk with his Uncle Carl, 227 kb
Adam psyching himself up on the Catwalk with his Uncle Carl
© Pete Wilkinson

What made you try Raining Bats and Dogs? 

I belayed Jordan on the route a few years ago and thought it looked amazing. I had climbed Bat Route in June 2014 and had a quick look at Raining Bats and Dogs in October last year. I did all the moves so decided it was achievable.

Tell us a bit about the process of working Bats and Dogs.

Well, I can only describe it as a massive learning process! It was an “epic siege”. All of the previous routes I have climbed from 7a - 8c I had completed in quick succession i.e a day or two.

Examples such as:- Magnetic Fields 8b took me 2 days as did Austrian Oak 8b, Unjustified 8b+/c took me 3 days in 2010, Bat Route 8c took me 9 days and Raining Bats and Dogs to my shock and horror demanded 19 days and around 35 red points. This seems a lot of red points. However, I started red pointing the route on day 5!!! I dropped the final move in the Egyptian at the top of Rainshadow on 8 occasions. This move in isolation is about boulder grade V2 but a big move for a midget like me!! Work, temperatures, nerves, mistakes, lack of concentration and lack of steam got in the way! 

Powering through the headwall on Raining Bats and Dogs, 219 kb
Powering through the headwall on Raining Bats and Dogs
© Pete Wilkinson

Due to the weather, holidays and work, I had a 10 week gap away from Malham between July and August and went to loads of different crags.  When I landed back at Malham in September, I realised I was fitter and stronger.

It was a relief and a dream to clip the chains last week for sure.  By far the best and hardest climbing achievement to date, props to Neil Mawson for climbing the line.

I found the quote below on the web when I was 'researching': are you now known as '8c Jee'? ;)

"My one goal in life and climbing is to climb french route grade 8c and then I will become "8c Jee" ha ha!"

Yes, when I started out route climbing, to climb an 8c route was a dream to me and a long term goal. I also liked the 8c bit as it rhymed with my nick name “Jee”!

Would you describe yourself as more of a boulderer or route climber? 

I guess that I am more of a route climber now, however, I only really train in a bouldering wall due to work/time commitments and also finding partners. I also feel that you can get a good quality session in at a bouldering wall.

Adam Jeewooth ticking his 3rd 8c Raining Bats and Dogs, 215 kb
Adam Jeewooth ticking his 3rd 8c Raining Bats and Dogs
© Pete Wilkinson

Have you done much trad?

I’ve not really got into trad to be honest, mainly due to the fact that I am loving sport climbing and inexperienced at it. I did attend Wilton Festival earlier in the month and did some seconding with David Toon - a Lancashire rock hero.

Would you ever return to competing? What was your best international result?

I’m not really into competing anymore; I prefer to climb to be in beautiful places with nice people (not that nice people don’t compete). I did enjoy competing massively especially the camaraderie. My priorities have changed now and I don’t have the time/money or energy to compete. My best result internationally was a few years ago in Munich where I came 37th in a bouldering comp.

What's next for you?

I think I’ll have a few weeks just chilling doing mileage on the routes and spending time at home with the family. I wouldn’t mind looking at the boulder problem on Rainshadow as I've done the bottom (Raindogs) and can climb the headwall so need to see what the middle is like.

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Eight See Jee??

Watch a video by Dave Sutcliffe of Adam's ascent below:

Adam is sponsored by: Beyond Hope, Boulder UK, Evolv, Metolius and prAna

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