VIDEO: Full Length Andy Kirkpatrick Talk

The UK's funniest climber Andy Kirkpatrick has just released the DVD of one of his 2007 live shows on Youtube. We've embedded the 1:30 long film below.

Andy commented on Youtube:

"I’m told this old film of me speaking is very funny, but I’ve never watched it, and probably never will, as I’m too scared that I’ll watch it and think “What a knob head”. It was filmed in Stornaway Scotland over ten years ago and I think my style, delivery etc has improved somewhat since then (this is more like a funny climbing slideshow, rather than a proper 'one man show'). If you look not very closely you'll notice curry stains on my t-shirt from the meal I had just before starting!"

If you like Andy's stuff why not check out his website - he's got a new lecture series coming up soon.

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4 Sep, 2015
What a legend
4 Sep, 2015
+1 Andy's a total star !!!
4 Sep, 2015
That is brilliant, i hate climbing lectures and haven't been to one since falling asleep at a Mick fowler one, so was a little skeptical, that is some quite funny shit. Talking about climbing is boring, he talks about climbing for about five minutes, even though he has moobs, this makes him very windswept and interesting.
5 Sep, 2015
Watched this for the first time last year and just rewatched it, the bit where he talks about simul-soloing a ribbon of ice with Ian Parnell and then described him tryingto put a sling on a spike is comedy gold. Along with "...we can't, I've done a shit in the snow hole".
5 Sep, 2015
He's a great speaker, mainly because he realises that climbing is really boring to anyone who wasnt there at the time, and even if you were there half of it is boring. Theres another couple of his talks on youtube as well
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