VIDEO: Full Length Andy Kirkpatrick Talk

The UK's funniest climber Andy Kirkpatrick has just released the DVD of one of his 2007 live shows on Youtube. We've embedded the 1:30 long film below.

Andy commented on Youtube:

"I’m told this old film of me speaking is very funny, but I’ve never watched it, and probably never will, as I’m too scared that I’ll watch it and think “What a knob head”. It was filmed in Stornaway Scotland over ten years ago and I think my style, delivery etc has improved somewhat since then (this is more like a funny climbing slideshow, rather than a proper 'one man show'). If you look not very closely you'll notice curry stains on my t-shirt from the meal I had just before starting!"

If you like Andy's stuff why not check out his website - he's got a new lecture series coming up soon.

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