Paint it Black, ~8C, and The Grey, ~8B+, by Nakajima

Toru Nakajima has repeated Daniel Woods' Paint it black, ~8C, and David Graham's The Grey, ~8B+, in the RMNP, Colorado.

Japanese climber Toru Nakajima is once again in Colorado to climb hard. So far, it's been a little bit too warm and humid, but by going out climbing in the wee hours, Toru has made the most of it none the less and after four days of effort, success came.

Paint it black overhangs some 65 degrees and requires a lot of core as well as finger strength. The first ascent was made by Daniel Woods in the winter of 2012. 

Very old school video of the first ascent.

Later the same day, he managed to repeat Dave Graham's The Grey at Wild basin. Regarding the difficulty of that one, I don't really know. Originally 8B+ was suggested, but since it's been called both 8B and even 8A+.



Toru Nakajima is sponsored by: The North Face

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