VIDEO: Salbitschijen South Ridge

UKC User David Linnett of Bald Eagle Productions has just released his latest video of the premier alpine rock climb Salbitschijen South Ridge 2981m, near Göschenen in Central Switzerland. ​This short video features the flora and fauna around the Salbithütte, time lapses, views to the outrageous Westgrat, big towers, super-exposed ridges and giddyfying drops, culminating in the photogenic Gipfelnadel summit pinnacle.

"Along with my climbing buddies, we booked into the lovely Salbithütte for a few days and all had a great time exploring the area and clambering up some rock routes. The Salbitschijen is renowned for it's immaculate granite and 3 looooong classic ridges, namely the Ostgrat, Sudgrat + Westgrat and we were lucky enough to climb the super-classic 16 pitch 550M South Ridge on a great day of weather. The Sudgrat is often and justifiably described as one of the best and most beautiful climbs of its type and grade in the whole of the Alps, a description I now totally agree with!"


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