Pembroke: Castlemartin Ranges Access for 2016

An update on access agreements for Pembroke in 2016 from the BMC Pembroke Representative.

Firstly the good news. There is no firing currently scheduled from December 11th to January 11th (but check the 24hr answer phone message (01646 662367) just in case there are any late changes to the firing programme).  Also, there will be no firing in the 4 weeks of August as per the last few years. This means that Range East and Range West (for briefed climbers) are open for all of this time.  

Play Misty For Me E3 5c**, Misty Wall, Castlemartin Area, Pembroke

Range West Briefing dates for 2016 are as follows:

25/2/16   18:00

27/2/16   10:00

17/3/16   18:00

25/3/16   (Good Friday) 10:00

21/04/16  18:00

30/4/16   (May BH weekend)  10:00

26/05/16  18:00

28/05/16  (Whitsun BH weekend) 10:00

If you were briefed in 2015, your pass will be valid until 28/5/16.

All of the above briefings take place at Castlemartin Camp (by the tanks) and will last about 1 hour. They are open to climbers, surfers, anglers and cavers.

Now the bad news:  Due to some big training exercises, there are several weekends when either Range West or both ranges are shut for recreational access.  These are as follows:

Sun 10th April    Range East and West (including St. Govans Head) closed

Sat/Sun 16th/17th April 2016    Range East and West (including St. Govans Head) closed

Sat/Sun 23rd/24th April 2016    Range East and West (including St. Govans Head) closed

Sat/Sun 4th/5th June 2016    Range West closed

Sat/Sun 11th/12th June 2016    Range West closed

Sat/Sun 2nd/3rd  July 2016    Range West closed

Sat/Sun 10th/11th Sept. 2016    Range West closed

Seasonal Bird nesting restrictions are likley to be very similar to this year. These are to be set at the end of November. Please check the BMC Regional Access Database for details of these.

More information on the Castlemartin Firing Notice website.

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