Ben Nevis Walker Rescued From 'Certain Death' in Storm Abigail

As storm force winds lashed northern Scotland yesterday in Britain's first named storm, Abigail, Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team were out saving a walker who'd set off up Ben Nevis despite the dire weather forecast.

Rescue underway in storm 'Abigail', 43 kb
Rescue underway in storm 'Abigail'
© Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team

'Troops have just returned from the eye of hurricane ‪#‎abigail‬ rescuing a hill walker attempting Ben Nevis‬ via Observatory Gully' they wrote on the team's Facebook page.

'On the scale of difficulty this route is certain death!'

'The casualty was found high on a snow slope with chest injuries and lowered down to the ‎CIC‬ Hut. Here he was properly checked over and then taken down the rest of the way... A very difficult rescue in atrocious weather with a very good outcome.'

Spotting the opportunity to publicise their need for greater support, they went on:

'The ‎volunteers‬ go out in these conditions without hesitation. Leaving family and loved ones behind. Radios are poor and insurance is completely inadequate.'

'We find ourselves in the situation where police officers on police rescue teams are better insured then civilians doing the same task. We think this is just wrong . Let's start with parity at least with police.'

' Let's have some support ‪#‎scottishgovernment‬ ‪#‎policescotland‬ ‪#‎SMR‬ please! Our team members and families should at least have insurance that is fit for purpose.'


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