Berry Hits The Big Time! UKC Staff In The Papers

UKC Assistant Editor Natalie Berry has hit the mainstream press today following the release of the Hot Aches Productions film about her 'transition' to trad and winter climbing.

Natalie, a long time sport and indoor climber with hard sport redpoints (8b) and national competition titles under her belt, has spent the last couple of years learning how to trad and winter climb, all documented on film (see this UKC Interview).

Natalie Berry Hits The Big Time, 148 kb
Natalie Berry Hits The Big Time

The national press have picked up the story, and in particular her headpoint ascent of the classic hard trad route of Dalriada (E7) on the Cobbler and how she failed on it the first time due to a kitchen mishap!

Headlines include:

  • Natalie Proves She's A Rock Star! (Scottish Daily Mail)
  • Documentary captures first female ascent of Scotland's notorious Cobbler (New York Times)

And the less funny:

  • Film shows first female ascent of climb on The Cobbler (BBC Scotland)
  • Route Won In Rock Face First (The Times)

We asked Natalie how she is dealing with her new found fame, and if she's had to sign any autographs yet?

"Fame isn't everything. I've been banned from the kitchen due to my status as a liability with knives… I'll never make sweet potato curry again. I haven't signed any autographs yet, but I'm hoping for a Celebrity Masterchef invite…" she replied.

UKC head honcho Alan James commented:

"Get back to work, both of you!"

View the trailer of 'Transition', and get a 25% discount off a download with the code NEWFILM25 by following this link.

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