Terre de Sienne, ~8B/+, by Ashima Shiraishi

Ashima Shiraishi on Blood Meridian, ~8B, Bishop, CA, 125 kb
Ashima Shiraishi on Blood Meridian, ~8B, Bishop, CA
© Kenji Tsukamoto
Ashima Shiraishi, 14, has made the first female ascent of Fred Nicole's razor crimp fiesta Terre de Sienne, ~8B/+, at Hueco Tanks, TX. She also made a quick ascent of its neighbour, Diaphanous Sea, ~8A/+.

Today was day-1 of my trip back to Hueco Tanks, TX!!! I shocked myself by getting the first female ascent of the legendary razor blade climb, Terre de Sienne (V14)!

She also says she got a split on her index finger (surprise, surprise), so I guess Terremer, ~8C, will have to wait a few days.

Terre de Sienne was Ashima's third or fourth of the grade, depending on whether you want to call The Swarm, 8B or 8B+, so let's just say it's her fourth ~8B+. 

- Golden Shadow, Rocklands

- The Swarm, Bishop 

- Nuclear War, NY

Add the half dozen of 8B's she has done and it's beginning to look like a decent tick list. For a 14 year old that is...

Ashima Shiraishi is sponsored by: Clif Bar, Evolv, Petzl and The North Face

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